Not content with merely tearing his own Church apart, openly homosexual Episcopal New Hampshire Bishop Gene Robinson is now meddling with ours.

Apparently back in 2005 or so, Robinson helped lead a secret retreat of gay Catholic clergy. I cannot help but wonder that if it was so secret, why is he talking about it now. Can nothing stay in the closet with this guy? But I digress.

Bishop Gene helped lead the hush-hush homosexual huddle by telling his comrades that the best way to fight for gay rights in the church is to advocate for female ordination. The root of our deep seated homophobia, you see, is deep seated misogyny. Yes, we hate women too.

About 75 Catholic clergy from around the U.S. participated without notifying their bishops or provincial leaders, Robinson said. In 2005, the Vatican issued a document affirming the church’s stance that men with “deep-seated” attraction to other men should not be ordained.

The retreat was held outside of New England, but Robinson would not say where…

…”at its root, the hatred of gays is driven by a hatred and second-class status of women,” Robinson said…

“I had said to them, ‘It’s too dangerous for you to come out as gay to your superiors, but I believe that if you work for the ordination of women in your church, you will go a long way toward opening the door for the acceptance of gay priests,” Robinson said.

Yes, let’s follow Bishop Gene’s advice and we can destroy our Church the same way he is helping to destroy his own. Or not.

See Gene, in the Catholic Church (although we certainly have our own problems) We are required to believe what the Apostles believed and what Jesus taught them. This has been faithfully handed down from generation to generation and is infallibly protected by the Holy Spirit. Sorry, but no amount of bath-house ecumenism is going to change that.