This is bad news for those who have hope for Notre Dame University. Dr. Charles Rice has been writing a column for the Notre Dame Observer for many years. But this week, the editors refused to run his column on the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. Joe from Defend Us In Battle writes:

Notre Dame… fails again.

This is hitting just now in a few well respected Catholic News outlets:

Dr. Charles Rice (Notre Dame Law School – Bio) recently wrote a column/piece for the Notre Dame Observer, as he does every few weeks. The topic this week is: The Church’s Teaching On Homosexuality. Only… this week they didn’t print it.

Here is the article: Dr. Rice’s – “Right or Wrong?” Column: March 1, 2010 – Homosexuality.

The Editor of the Observer didn’t print it for a variety of reasons…or so they say. None of the listed reasons was legitimate.

You’ve got to read the editor’s letter and Dr. Rice’s response. It’s a great response to a very sad situation. Click here to read it.