CMR friend Amy Giglio of RC Mommy sent the world’s greatest email to Patrick and Patrick idiotically forwarded it to me and now without his knowledge I’m essentially forwarding it to everyone. Yeah. ‘Cause that’s how I roll.

Amy writes:

Dear Patrick,

I’ve been reading you and Matt at CMR for a while. This was a very good piece. I also liked the one about the fellowship hall.

But, good Lord, Patrick, you have got to get them to change your picture on the NC Register website. It’s really not flattering. Your Facebook profile pic is so much better. The white collar is too ’70’s and it’s weird and washed out.

Matt’s profile pic is better and his looks like a passport photo.

Just sayin’.

Keep up the good work.

Amy Giglio

I love how Amy writes at the end “Keep up the good work” as a way to soften the fact that she called Patrick ugly.

I know Amy will say she didn’t call him ugly but just that his picture was ugly but that’s good enough for me.

Below is the pic that Pat sent to the National Catholic Register for his profile. Feel free to add a caption to the pic if you’d like. You know something about him being stuck in the 70’s or that if his collar gets any bigger he’s going to take flight. I’d get a kick out of it. Patrick, probably not so much. But don’t worry because Patrick isn’t at home today he’s probably out getting some glamour shots done by a professional photographer.