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If Pat Does This I’ll Be Impressed

Pat’s always bragging and going on about running marathons and triathlons and Ironman. I’ll give him credit. He somehow does complete this stuff. The part that really amazes me is that he’s still kinda’ fat. To me, that always made… Continue Reading →

Patrick Has Left the 70’s

For the past year Pat’s picture at the Register has made him look a bit…1970’s. Seriously, he looked like Larry from Three’s Company and David Soul’s love child. CMR friend Amy Giglio even emailed Pat to take that horrid picture… Continue Reading →

When Patrick Finally Catches a Deer…

My brother and co-blogger Patrick has been out deer hunting a few times this season and he’s caught…NOTHING. Nada. But I’m not here to rub it in ’cause that’s not how I roll. But I’m sure that when he does… Continue Reading →

Best Email of the Year

CMR friend Amy Giglio of RC Mommy sent the world’s greatest email to Patrick and Patrick idiotically forwarded it to me and now without his knowledge I’m essentially forwarding it to everyone. Yeah. ‘Cause that’s how I roll. Amy writes:… Continue Reading →

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