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Father Jenkins, History is Calling

I wrote this piece for The Cardinal Newman Society exhorting Fr. Jenkins, the President of Notre Dame to resist the HHS mandate with all he’s got. I think he is uniquely suited to fight this battle. Please check it out:… Continue Reading →

Should Notre Dame’s Coach Be Fired for Cursing?

The University of Notre Dame’s football coach Brian Kelly had a rough day yesterday. A very rough day. His team had five turnovers at the worst possible times – many of them in the red zone. The loss is damaging… Continue Reading →

ND 88. Free at Last!!!

It’s been about two years since President Obama was honored by the University of Notre Dame. On that sad day, the university named after Our Lady had pro-life demonstrators arrested for trespassing while other demonstrators were ignored. Their prosecution has… Continue Reading →

Notre Dame Faculty Senate Rejects Pro-Life Proposal

The Faculty Senate of Notre Dame inexplicably and horrifyingly voted down a resolution of support for either Father Jenkins’s participation in the March for Life or the recommendations of his Task Force on Supporting the Choice for Life, according to… Continue Reading →

Michael Voris vs. Country Club Christianity

I loved this one from Michael Voris. He nailed this one.

Notre Dame Fails…Again

This is bad news for those who have hope for Notre Dame University. Dr. Charles Rice has been writing a column for the Notre Dame Observer for many years. But this week, the editors refused to run his column on… Continue Reading →

Showdown at the March for Life?

OK. I was kind of back and forth on this one for a while. Fr. Jenkins, President of Notre Dame, who infamously invited and honored President Barack Obama on campus last year, joined hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers this week… Continue Reading →

Name Ave Maria’s New Fieldhouse

A pro-choice multi-millionaire donated $4 million to Ave Maria University for a sports facility which will bear his name. Pewsitter asks “Ave Maria, a Poor Man’s Notre Dame?” and links to a story at Angel Queen: Tom Monaghan secured a… Continue Reading →

Was Obama’s Notre Dame Visit an Epic Fail?

All in all I think at this point you’d have to say that President Obama’s trip to Notre Dame University has been a dud. A failure. It has hurt him politically. That honor from America’s most well known Catholic university… Continue Reading →

Does Anyone Remember Dialogue?

Dialogue. It’s a popular word right now. I think it’s partly popular because as long as dialogue continues, nobody has to actually take a stand or make a decision. We can avoid all those messy labels of right and wrong… Continue Reading →

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