The University of Notre Dame’s football coach Brian Kelly had a rough day yesterday. A very rough day. His team had five turnovers at the worst possible times – many of them in the red zone.

The loss is damaging to Notre Dame because many thought this season would be different from so many others when the Irish seemed poised for greatness only to fail. But while what happened on the field was disappointing, I think what happened on the sidelines was much worse. A purple faced Brian Kelly cursed and screamed at not only at his players (who are 18-23 years old) but he did it on national television for people of all ages to see. And let me tell you something, you didn’t need to be a lip reader to figure out what he was saying. By the look on my eleven year old’s face, she figured it out pretty quick.

To put it bluntly, if there was a drinking game where you drank every time Kelly cursed I would’ve needed help getting off the couch, never mind getting to bed.

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