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Tebow 3:16. Coincidence?

This is probably one of the iconic pictures of Tim Tebow, who rocked the John 3:16 tape under his eyes in the BCS Championship game. Since then, he’s become associated with that Bible passage. Now get this, from Yahoo: The… Continue Reading →

Tebow Makes Journalists Crazy

Yahoo Sports’ Shutdown Corner has a piece on Tim Tebow and it starts with this disclaimer: (Disclaimer: AP style says I’m supposed to capitalize the word “God,” so that’s what I’m going to do. It’s not an endorsement of a… Continue Reading →

Plummer: Tebow Should Shut it About Jesus

Former Denver QB Jake Plummer attempts to prove he’s a jerk. Succeeds wildly. In an interview recently, he was asked about Tim Tebow, who is succeeding despite pretty much every sports analyst calling him “garbage.” Plummer said Tebow was a… Continue Reading →

Should Notre Dame’s Coach Be Fired for Cursing?

The University of Notre Dame’s football coach Brian Kelly had a rough day yesterday. A very rough day. His team had five turnovers at the worst possible times – many of them in the red zone. The loss is damaging… Continue Reading →

Official Flags End Zone Prayer

A Washington state high school football player was flagged for kneeling and pointing to heaven after scoring a touchdown. Reportedly, the line judge said the running back was attempting to bring attention to himself. But it seems to me that… Continue Reading →

Is Tim Tebow the Antichrist?

I’ve decided. And there’s no way you can dissuade me. Tim Tebow is the anti-Christ. My evidence? Well. It’s not a lot, I’ll admit. But the kid is just too good. Like way too good. Every time you turn around… Continue Reading →

Inspirational Vid: The Taylor Haugen Story

Thanks to ESPN for covering this.

First Tiger and Now This!

First Tiger Woods and now this. CBS is reporting that the New England Patriots mascot has been arrested for prostitution related crimes. Oh the horror! Can the sports world take yet another hit. This is especially horrifying as New England’s… Continue Reading →

NFL to Test for Conservatism

The NFL has announced that it will cancel all drug and steroid testing in the future but will immediately commence stringent testing for something far more dangerous to the league. The NFL intends to start testing players, coaches and owners… Continue Reading →

Bring It On Part IV: This Time It’s God!

Since 2003, the Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School cheerleaders have held up paper signs for the players to crash through at the beginning of games, sometimes the signs have Bible verses on them. That is, until now. The Superintendent has now… Continue Reading →

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