Yahoo Sports’ Shutdown Corner has a piece on Tim Tebow and it starts with this disclaimer:

(Disclaimer: AP style says I’m supposed to capitalize the word “God,” so that’s what I’m going to do. It’s not an endorsement of a monotheistic religion or any other belief system — I’m doing what AP tells me and hoping I am not smote.)

How immature is this?

I don’t know what this guy believes but he’s clearly being cute here. Does he write disclaimers on all editing decisions? Of course not. So why does he do so here? Because it’s a Tim Tebow story. And this journalist wants to let everyone know that he’s covering Tebow but don’t worry none of the Jesus is rubbing off on him. He wants to let everyone know that he’s way cooler that Tebow. He wants to let everyone know that with him Jesus is still a punchline.

The effect Tebow is having on football is great. But it’s nothing compared to the paroxysms of looniness from the media. I’m rooting for Tebow for many reasons, one of which is it’ll make the media bonkers.