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Tebow Takes 9 Year Old Girl with Illness on Date

Wonder what Brady Quinn will have to say about this? Tim Tebow continues to amaze. While the media swarmed with stories about his backup quarterback knifing him in the media, what does Tebow do? He takes a sick nine year… Continue Reading →

Tebow 3:16. Coincidence?

This is probably one of the iconic pictures of Tim Tebow, who rocked the John 3:16 tape under his eyes in the BCS Championship game. Since then, he’s become associated with that Bible passage. Now get this, from Yahoo: The… Continue Reading →

Tebow Makes Journalists Crazy

Yahoo Sports’ Shutdown Corner has a piece on Tim Tebow and it starts with this disclaimer: (Disclaimer: AP style says I’m supposed to capitalize the word “God,” so that’s what I’m going to do. It’s not an endorsement of a… Continue Reading →

Plummer: Tebow Should Shut it About Jesus

Former Denver QB Jake Plummer attempts to prove he’s a jerk. Succeeds wildly. In an interview recently, he was asked about Tim Tebow, who is succeeding despite pretty much every sports analyst calling him “garbage.” Plummer said Tebow was a… Continue Reading →

The Tebow Ad

Steven Ertelt at LifeNews has the Tebow ad from Focus on the Family. It’s funny when you watch it, you can’t believe how crazy the pro-aborts got over it.

Saddest Pro-Abort Video…Evah!!!

Profanity warning. These pro-abortion grandmas cuss a bit in their little song. But you’ve just got to see this. Hilarious. This is what the pro-abortion movement is down to – Raging grannies. Didn’t Newsweek report that it was the pro-life… Continue Reading →

Even Barabbas Wasn’t Into Child Porn!

You looking for evidence that the world is completely crazy, upside down, looney tunes? Sadly, you’ve come to the right place. Everyone’s freaking out that during the Super Bowl Tim Tebow’s mother will tell us that she chose life and… Continue Reading →

Inspirational Vid: The Taylor Haugen Story

Thanks to ESPN for covering this.

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