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Tebow Makes Journalists Crazy

Yahoo Sports’ Shutdown Corner has a piece on Tim Tebow and it starts with this disclaimer: (Disclaimer: AP style says I’m supposed to capitalize the word “God,” so that’s what I’m going to do. It’s not an endorsement of a… Continue Reading →

Moratorium on the Crist/Christ Thing

I’m officially asking for a moratorium on the number of writers thinking they’re clever by playing with Charlie Crist’s name off Jesus Christ. Let me make this clear. It’s not because it’s offensive. It’s just really really bad writing. When… Continue Reading →

This is Why Our Education System Stinks

You’ve got to check this out. A high school journalism class created a rap video about saving the whales. You want to know what’s wrong with public education look no further than this. There’s so many problems here. One –… Continue Reading →

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