You’ve got to check this out. A high school journalism class created a rap video about saving the whales. You want to know what’s wrong with public education look no further than this.

There’s so many problems here.

One – A journalism teacher is teaching her students about liberal issue advocacy. Well, that pretty much sums up most of the problems with journalism nowadays.

Two -A journalism teacher is cool with “Free Dem Walez” as passable English? Teachers are supposed to teach proper English (especially in a journalism class), not accept student’s way of speaking and spelling.

Three – Listen to this teacher introduce her video by saying “I was always taught that whales and dolphins were safe and happy living in captivity. I don’t believe that anymore. Neither do my students.” She’s indoctrinating her students to accept her beliefs. She has a certain point of view of things and she forces it on the students. And instead of teaching the students…I don’t know…something about JOURNALISM she instead uses class time to teach her students about how whales and dolphins are abused.

Four – The fact that the school not only saw nothing wrong with this misuse of taxpayer money but actually contacted the media to highlight this as a shining example of their work tells you everything you need to know why our public education system is failing.