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School Changes Words to “God Bless the USA.”

An elementary school around Boston was having the kids sing at an assembly. Pretty typical stuff. The motif was about the 50 states and they were going to sing some songs. But the final song was set to be Lee… Continue Reading →

NYC Schools Want to Ban 50 Words

The New York City Department of Education is pushing to have words they deem upsetting removed from standardized tests because they might upset students. Right now, the tally of banned words is at 50 but rest assured that list will… Continue Reading →

St. Patrick’s Day Changed to O’Green Day at School

This is just so laughably politically correct. St. Patrick’s Day is probably the least religious holiday with the word “Saint” in it. It’s about as religious as Arbor day and twice as drunk. But one public school finds St. Patrick’s… Continue Reading →

Judge Shows Sympathy for the Devil

A Brooklyn teacher who was fired after calling her students the “devils spawn” on Facebook said she was eager to return to class after a Judge ordered that she be reinstated, according to the Daily News. Obviously, this is lunacy,… Continue Reading →

Them Some Darn Good Lookin’ Teachers

This school district better have the best looking teachers in America. Here’s evidence #1 why public sector unions are doing great damage to our country. The Atlantic reports: In Buffalo, New York, the heart of the American rust-belt, the public… Continue Reading →

A Sign Maybe You Should Homeschool

Any parent weighing the options between homeschooling and sending your kid to a public school just take a look at this sign that New York City painted in order to protect kids on the way to school. Yeah, these are… Continue Reading →

The Wimpification of our Kids

This is the text of a letter from a principal of an elementary school. I shouldn’t even have to comment on this. Pure lunacy speaks for itself. Global Toronto has the letter: Dear Parents/Guardians: These past few weeks, we have… Continue Reading →

School Bans Rosaries

A California school has banned a girl from wearing a rosary because local gangs are using it as a symbol. KETV reports: A sixth-grade girl said she was told that she can’t wear a necklace that resembles a rosary because… Continue Reading →

Teacher Disciplines Students Who Say “Bless You”

A teacher is penalizing students who say “Bless you” after someone sneezes and the school district is now determining whether saying “Bless you” is a classroom disruption. MSNBC reports: Teacher Steve Cuckovich docked his students’ scores after they said “bless… Continue Reading →

D.C. Teachers Caught Cheating

Last month there were stories that standardized test scores in elementary schools in Washington D.C. skyrocketed. Now, normally you’d say Hooray but it turns out that at least three teachers have cheated. This is bad news for the children in… Continue Reading →

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