This is just so laughably politically correct.

St. Patrick’s Day is probably the least religious holiday with the word “Saint” in it. It’s about as religious as Arbor day and twice as drunk. But one public school finds St. Patrick’s Day way too overtly religious and is renaming it O’Green Day. Seriously.

960 WELI reports:

At the Soule Road School in Wilbraham, St. Patrick‘s Day has been replaced as the name for the school’s celebration surrounding the popular holiday. It’s been replaced with the generic “O’Green Day.”’s Patrick Johnson calls the move “a heavy-handed attempt to instill political correctness among the impressionable 4th and 5th graders.”

The school’s principal, Lisa Curtin, is apparently looking to become more inclusive. So, rather than tout St. Patrick’s Day, she has purportedly come up with a way to circumvent the faith-related nature of the holiday. The school apparently did something similar for St. Valentine’s Day, which, in some classrooms, was referred to as “Caring and Kind Day.”

If asked, I’m sure they’d say something about the separation of church and state or some such idiocy. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the imbecility of these kinds of things.