For no other reason than I want to make them. You figure out about which ones I am serious and which ones are tongue in cheek… or something.


Within the next 10 years there will be a significant war in Europe. My guess is it will start with civil war in one country but then grow into a general conflict.

Tim Tebow will have the best winning record among NFL QB’s for the next 3 years. And the media will still say he stinks.

Israel will strike Iran, but not accomplish the goal of setting back their nuclear program. Iran and friends will smash Tel-Aviv and some other areas of Israel with missiles, only a small percentage will make it to the targets, but enough to do real damage. And after so much haranguing by the UN and the pansy allies, we will have a nuclear Iran and a bruised Israel.

Matt and I will get our own comedy/news show on EWTN. At first the powers that be will be very skeptical of our brand of humor and commentary. But ratings will go through the roof!! Matt and I will not be able to step one foot in Steubenville without be harassed by paparazzi.

The Supreme Court will throw out the Obamacare mandate but pretend there is severability, leaving the rest of the horrid program in place. The Republicans in Congress will make big show of trying to repeal it, but never tie repeal to anything the Dems want. This will leave us with an unfunded liability in the gazillions. No worries though, we will grow out way out of it in 2,172,698 years +/- 50 years.

Ann Coulter will take 50 college students hostage demanding that all Republicans realize that winning is more important than actual policy. Eventually the hostages will get bored and leave of their own accord. 87% of them will vote for Santorum.

The Republican convention will be contested. Mitt Romney will lose on the first ballot. Mitt Romney will win on the 6th ballot because Republicans will be scared out of their minds.

Rick Santorum will be offered ambassador to the Vatican by the Romney administration, a position he will turn down.

Newt Gingrich will start dating Demi Lovato ’cause Callista says it’s ok.

Jennifer Rubin will be hospitalized for exhaustion.

Sarah Palin will be the next Secretary of Energy.

Michael Steele will be rejected as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars because he can only step to the left.

The next president will face an economic downturn worse than 2008.

Callista Gingrich will start dating Demi Lovato ’cause Newt says it’s ok.

Demi Lovato will vote Democrat.

Lindsay Lohan will refer to Miley Cyrus as a cautionary tale.

The Democrats will lose the Senate. Mitch McConnell will claim that makes Republicans less powerful.

Bottom line, status quo.