I’ve decided. And there’s no way you can dissuade me. Tim Tebow is the anti-Christ. My evidence? Well. It’s not a lot, I’ll admit. But the kid is just too good. Like way too good. Every time you turn around he does something so…good…that it’s impossible not to love the kid. And he’s awesome at football. Crazy awesome.

He speaks from a national podium about abstinence. He chats up the Lord enough that Kurt Warner starts wondering if he’s not serious enough about his faith. He does things like bringing an ill young woman to walk the red carpet with him. He attends fundraisers for children he’s never met.

Come on. Do you think the Antichrist is going to come on with horns and a pitchfork. No way. He’s gonna’ act all nice. So it’s either that Tim Tebow might just be the best darn kid in America. Or the Antichrist. You know where I stand.

HT Reflections of a Paralytic