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Poor Nicky Minaj Missed a Memo

Just a decade or two ago, a little anti-Catholicism went a long way. It got you glowing media and adoring fans and all the attention a growing pop star needed to feed a career. In the 80’s and 90’s, Madonna… Continue Reading →

Tebow: All He Does is Win (Dance Mix)

I love this mainly because everything Tebow does well only serves to anger some. Think about this. Michael Vick who killed dogs is a member in good standing in football and in the media. Tim Tebow, though, is controversial. Think… Continue Reading →

Pittsburgh Mayor Forced to Tebow!

Pittsburgh’s Mayor Tebowing? For realz? Yup. He lost a bet on the Broncos/Steelers matchup. And this is what he had to do. I’m kinda’ not partial to losing the focus of why we get on our knees. I don’t think… Continue Reading →

George Washington Tebowed?

There’s this strange image I’ve seen many times of George Washington on his knees Tebowing which is based on the journal entry of an 18th century Presbyterian Minister. But this is, of course, impossible, because George Washington was born well… Continue Reading →

Pro-Choicers Call Tebow’s Mother A Liar

OK. We’ve all had it happen. We’re talking with a woman who all of a sudden does what we fear most and reaches into the depth of her pocketbook and whips out the pictures of her pride and joy. And… Continue Reading →

Is Tim Tebow the Antichrist?

I’ve decided. And there’s no way you can dissuade me. Tim Tebow is the anti-Christ. My evidence? Well. It’s not a lot, I’ll admit. But the kid is just too good. Like way too good. Every time you turn around… Continue Reading →

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