I love this mainly because everything Tebow does well only serves to anger some.

Think about this. Michael Vick who killed dogs is a member in good standing in football and in the media. Tim Tebow, though, is controversial.

Think about this. In a race between a Mormon Romney and a Catholic Santorum, it’s the Catholic who is the problem. Why? Because there’s a sense that Santorum means it. His Catholicism is who he is as a person. He talks about it.

And that’s why they hate Tebow too. He means it. And it’s who he is. And he talks about it.

And hey, how about this. Tebow is now going up against a seemingly impossible-to-beat opponent who looks like a poster boy. And who’s from Boston.

Just like Santorum. There you go. I’m sayin’ it. Santorum is the Tebow of politics. Now he just has to win like Tebow.