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Priest Witnessed Man “Brought Back to Life by God”

I spoke with Father John Higgins, the Pastor of Saint Raymond’s parish in California, last night. He’s a funny and faithful priest. We spoke for a while about the HHS mandate and the Catholic blogosphere in general and he almost… Continue Reading →

There’s a Cat in my House!!!

6:40 a.m. I was running late. My wife left very early for work and she set the alarm for me to wake the children for school. Now, I’ll wake up to an alarm that plays music but beeping/honking alarms don’t… Continue Reading →

Boys Ain’t Broken Girls

As a father of four girls and one boy I’m gonna’ speak a little bit about the difference between boys and girls. That’s my resume. It’s my reason that you shouldn’t just roll your eyes and click on Simcha’s post…. Continue Reading →

Can a Faithful Catholic Run for President?

Newsflash! Rick Santorum is Catholic! No, really Catholic. What? Who knew? It’s come to light that Santorum, in a number of interviews, has said he agrees with the Church and that contraception is “harmful to women.” Insert gasp here. In… Continue Reading →

The Same Stones as Dachau

Sister Rosalia Bauer, a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration, prayed in front of what she called “the abortion mill” every Friday for 13 years. She said that as a nurse she could never call that building a clinic. She called… Continue Reading →

Would You Abort a Gay Baby?

When former Senator Rick Santorum was campaigning in New Hampshire earlier this week, a disgusting thing occurred on the campus of a local Catholic college. But it’s one that I think is highlights the disconnect between those who advance a… Continue Reading →

The 3 Unwise Men and a Baby

Talk about the worst birthday gift ever. Cute baby! Here’s some myrhh for His funeral to hide the stench of the corpse! Dude. Killjoy much! I mean, who does that? And it’s not like this was some last minute shopping… Continue Reading →

Turn off the Hulu, Save America

America is being pulled apart at the seams. It’s a technological balkanization. America has become a bizarro Babel. In Babel, everyone was talking but nobody could understand each other. But in America it’s now the opposite. Nobody’s even allowed to… Continue Reading →

A Christmas Massacre

A buddy of mine who fought over in Iraq tells me of visiting a Catholic Church there. He said you’d hardly notice the church but on Sundays a number of Catholics would bravely arrive at Mass, knowing that their mere… Continue Reading →

Gov. Quinn vs. The Bishops

Things were a little weird when Governor Pat Quinn, a Catholic, decided to present a pro-choice award for a pro-abortion rights PAC. The bishops responded strongly by saying, “This approach is irreconcilable with any honest profession of the Catholic faith…. Continue Reading →

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