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From Planned Parenthood to Catholicism, a Conversion Story

The room in the back of the clinic was quiet but Catherine’s mind was screaming. There was a baby in a jar. Arms. Leg. Fingers! There was a baby in a jar! She knew she had to get out of… Continue Reading →

“This is totally not a religious thing. This is about Christmas.”

When I first saw this story, I filed it in the “War on Christmas” file I have in my head. And make no mistake there is a war on Christmas. You seriously can’t be online for twenty minutes before you… Continue Reading →

Just a Dad Playing Hero

I’ve played Barbies. I’ll admit it. Don’t you dare judge me. I’m a father of four girls. I had no choice. When my oldest was a toddler it was just her and me during the week while my wife worked…. Continue Reading →

The 7 Worst Christmas Specials…Evah.

I’ve got a bunch of kids. And I’ve got a television. This is a recipe for disaster, especially around Christmas time. If my kids see an ad for a Christmas special they’re on their knees pleading“pleasecanwestayuptowatchitjustthisonceandwepromisewe’llgorighttobedandwewon’thiteachotherevenwhentheydeserveitandwe’llevenreadtomorrowpleasepleaseplease… And I invariably say… Continue Reading →

PETA Ad Features Baby as Main Course for Thanksgiving

The nutjobs at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) always try to get noticed for how loony they’ve actually become. And let’s be honest, they do a good job at that. Well, this week, they’ve outdone themselves…. Continue Reading →

Pamela Anderson Playing the Virgin Mary Says It All

Pamela Anderson, the silicon enhanced sex tape star and Playboy centerfold, will be playing the Virgin Mary in a sketch comedy show that will appear on the Comedy Network and in Canada. Anderson will play the mother of Jesus opposite… Continue Reading →

Is the Obama Administration Anti-Catholic?

A majority of Catholics voted for Barack Obama. And for it, we got a nice photo op at the University of Notre Dame and some ameliorating verbiage. But since then, we’ve seen a long list of actions that’s caused obvious… Continue Reading →

Sebelius Spites Bishops Over Abortion

We know how vampires don’t like daylight. Well, the bishops and now a group of U.S. Senators are pulling HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius out into daylight. And yeah, Sebelius is the vampire in this scenario. Never before have we seen… Continue Reading →

Joe Paterno Is a Good Man

When I grew up my father and all my brothers watched football on Saturday. Our team was Notre Dame and we pretty much viewed all the other teams (especially Miami) as evil. There were exceptions. The service academies, of course… Continue Reading →

Say, What’s a Fertilized Egg Anyway?

Right now there are 356 mentions of “fertilized eggs” in the news, according to a quick Google News search, due to the Personhood amendment being voted on in Mississippi. You see, a fertilized egg to you, me, and anyone with… Continue Reading →

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