All in all I think at this point you’d have to say that President Obama’s trip to Notre Dame University has been a dud. A failure. It has hurt him politically.

That honor from America’s most well known Catholic university was intended to have consequences. It was seen by the White House as an inroads into the Catholic vote. And yes, to gain support by the bishops for Obama’s legislative agenda.

Hey, let’s face it. The White House had every reason to believe that the bishops would support Obama’s universal healthcare plans.

But something happened on the way to Notre Dame. Barack Obama wakened something with his trip to Notre Dame. Something he would much rather have stayed dormant. By his trip to Notre Dame he forced many Catholic (including clergy) to reassess what it means to be Catholic. He roused many priests and bishops who had not been rallied before.

The protests have had an effect. And I think we’re seeing it now.

Why, even Fr. Jenkins is now publicly stating that he’s going to attend the March for Life. The bishops have come out strongly against Obamacare mainly because of its inclusion of abortion.

And now the White House is so shocked that it hasn’t had support from American bishops they’re now lying. Badly. I mean, I’m used to the White House lying but these aren’t even well done lies. These are open and easily verified lies.

The White House is calling the bishops stupid because they think that little wittle ol’ Obamacare bill will cover abortion.

CNS News reports:

White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs told the bishops do not understand the existing law restricting federal funding of abortion.

“There may be a legal interpretation that has been lost here, but there’s a fairly clear federal law prohibiting the federal use of money for abortion,” Gibbs told at Friday’s press briefing. “I think it is–again, it’s exceedingly clear in the law.

This is such a blatant lie that it’s not even worth going over it because we’ve done it so many times before. ( has some analysis) Once again, the Obama administration is counting on the media to be his personal stenographers and not point out his lies.

But the fact that the administration is now being forced to lie so openly and poorly reeks of desperation. And much of that desperation has been caused by the recent statement by the bishops. And much of the bishop’s unanimity on this issue was stirred up by his visit to Notre Dame.

And let’s face it. Obamacare is the only legislative priority right now for this administration. If it succeeds on this, it’ll define his Presidency. If he fails on this, it’ll likely define his Presidency. And to think all of that could hinge on a miscalculated trip to South Bend, Indiana.