A pro-choice multi-millionaire donated $4 million to Ave Maria University for a sports facility which will bear his name.

Pewsitter asks “Ave Maria, a Poor Man’s Notre Dame?” and links to a story at Angel Queen:

Tom Monaghan secured a $4 million “investment” from a pro-choice billionaire for Ave Maria University’s new “Tom Golisano Field House”. Golisano is a major donor to Democrat campaigns and the founder of a political party with a pro-choice platform…

Ave Maria University would ban pro-choice President Obama from speaking on its campus. But, AMU is happy to actively go after $4 million from pro-choice Tom Golisano. Both ran for political office on a pro-choice platform.

Firstly, for Ave Maria to accept a donation from a pro-choice person seems pretty different from Notre Dame honoring President Obama. I see a difference.

I mean, are Catholic schools really supposed to ask each donor where they are on every issue to see if they’re Catholic enough to give?

However, naming the Fieldhouse after him is a more questionable decision. CMR wants a seat at the nomenclature debate and has some suggestions for the name of Ave Maria’s new fieldhouse:

1) Sanger Stadium
2) Heresy hall
3) Apostasy Athletic Complex
4) The Sin Center
5) FOCA Fieldhouse

It’s the one facility in the country where no matter how many tickets they sell for games, they can always say they sold out!

Any suggestions, let us know.