Fr. Martin Fox needs your help. He writes:

“OK folks, I need your help–more than that, our kids in Piqua Catholic need your help!

Our kids are working hard to raise $50,000 for a new gym floor, as well as exercise equipment and new bleachers.

Good news? I am not asking you for money!

But I do need you–and everyone you can enlist–to go vote for Piqua Catholic.

Here’s how:

The Pepsi Company has a “refresh challenge”; every month the company gives away over a million dollars for various good causes that enter the challenge; then, it is up to the groups to promote their cause, to generate votes for their project.

So, our kids, together with alumni and faculty, put together this video.

So please visit Fr. Martin Fox’s blog and help out the kids. You can help them get a new gym floor just by voting for them. Please go here.