This should serve as a warning to every Catholic school in America. The Cardinal Newman Society has this shocking report:

Immediately following today’s ruling that a New York Catholic college is not “religious” under federal law, The Cardinal Newman Society published an analysis from a top legal expert advising Catholic college leaders on ways to protect their religious freedoms by maintaining a strong Catholic identity.

“Federal and state laws are increasingly being used to coerce religious institutions into actions and commitments that violate deeply held religious convictions and moral principles,” warns Kevin Theriot, Senior Counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, in the analysis entitled “Protecting Catholic Colleges from External Threats to Their Religious Liberty,” which is posted at

So now you have judges deciding who’s Catholic enough. In this case the decision was made to allow for unionization but in the future it’s not a stretch to see them judging in cases of conscience.

And I would ask how many Catholic colleges would have a leg to stand on in attempting to prove that they’re a religious institution. I’d bet not many.

You really should read the rest at Campus Notes.