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Oh No, Not Humanae Vitae!!!

I grew up in a family that was Catholic. I mean the kind of Catholic where my mom dragged me by the hair to Confession just because I picked the neighbor’s apple tree bare for a rock fight with other… Continue Reading →

Greatest College Sports Recruiting Vid…Evah!!!

This video is just too awesome not to share. It became an unintended hit on the Youtubes the last few days. Benedictine University in Chicago made this video and it looks like their video guys just got themselves hold of… Continue Reading →

Catholic College Basketbrawl

The Xavier-Cincinnati brawl on the basketball court was disgusting, made more so by the fact that a Catholic college was involved. This is disgusting. This is disgustinger. An Ohio prosecutor has said charges may be filed against some of the… Continue Reading →

The Obama Inquisition May Be Postponed

The National Labor Relations Board which has caused quite a bit of controversy lately by declaring some Catholic colleges not Catholic enough and therefore liable to be bullied by the feds and forced to accept labor unions. Obviously, many Catholic… Continue Reading →

Pro-Choice/ Pro-Gay Marriage Candidate Works at Catholic College

A state Senate candidate in Virginia who works as a high ranking administrator at a Catholic college has come out fervently for abortion rights and same sex marriage, a conflict of interest which the school doesn’t seem to have a… Continue Reading →

Lap Dances for Extra Credit at Catholic College

A business professor at a Catholic college is under investigation for hiring strippers to perform lap dances for himself and students at a “business ethics” symposium. Wow. Just wow. The professor was giving “extra credit” to students who paid $150… Continue Reading →

Report: Catholic Colleges With Ties to Planned Parenthood

This is your must read of the day if you want to throw your hands up and pull your hair out. However, if you’d like to remain blissfully ignorant of how Catholic colleges have 150 ties with Planned Parenthood then… Continue Reading →

Gonzaga To Host Vagina Monologues

Gonzaga University for the first time ever will play host to the controversial play The Vagina Monologues. It would appear that some students have been trying for a long time to get the nasty play on campus without success. But… Continue Reading →

Feds Tell College “You’re Not Catholic”

This should serve as a warning to every Catholic school in America. The Cardinal Newman Society has this shocking report: Immediately following today’s ruling that a New York Catholic college is not “religious” under federal law, The Cardinal Newman Society… Continue Reading →

The Future of Seton Hall University

We don’t typically do stuff like this but CMR friend Amy Giglio wrote in about her concerns with Seton Hall University. She seemed to know a lot about the university and its issues. While she asked CMR to write something… Continue Reading →

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