The National Labor Relations Board which has caused quite a bit of controversy lately by declaring some Catholic colleges not Catholic enough and therefore liable to be bullied by the feds and forced to accept labor unions.

Obviously, many Catholic colleges were pretty thin in the Catholic department but do we really want government entities deciding who’s Catholic enough? Seems like a dangerous precedent to me.

But here’s an interesting worry from some pro-labor types that the Obama Inquisition may be waylaid- at least a bit.

Southern Studies reports:

The embattled National Labor Relations Board could soon be crippled by lack of a quorum. If that happens, conservative politicians outraged by the board’s defense of worker rights will notch another win.

NLRB Chair Wilma Liebman stepped down August 28 after 14 years on the board, leaving only three of five seats filled, all by Obama appointees. The board must have at least three members to issue decisions, following a Supreme Court decision last year.

So conservative activists are calling for Obama’s one Republican appointee, Brian Hayes, to resign in order to cripple the board.

I’m for it. Cripple it. Make it hobble.

These guys have been going looney all over the place including attempting to prevent Boeing from relocating a plant in South Carolina. But their attacks on Catholic colleges is really creepy.

The NLRB is only one facet of the attack this administration is focusing on religious institutions but it’s an important one. I’d like to see it falter.