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Court: No Free Speech for Pro-Lifers

A federal appeals court ruled yesterday that pro-lifers who created Wild West-style posters and a Web site targeting abortion doctors are liable because their works were illegal threats and not free speech. Look, I’m not crazy about wanted posters and… Continue Reading →

Abortionist: Yeah, Babies are Born Alive

Wiggling around the toilet?!!!! Wiggling around the freaking toilet?!!!! WTF!? Man’s inhumanity to man on open display here. This is the most horrific thing I’ve read in months and I read a lot of stuff. A lot. In disturbing testimony… Continue Reading →

Court: NYC Can Ban Churches from Schools

Overturning a lower court ruling, a federal appeals court ruled that New York City can ban churches from using public school facilities for Sunday worship services. I personally didn’t know that churches used public facilities but, according to the article… Continue Reading →

Feds Tell College “You’re Not Catholic”

This should serve as a warning to every Catholic school in America. The Cardinal Newman Society has this shocking report: Immediately following today’s ruling that a New York Catholic college is not “religious” under federal law, The Cardinal Newman Society… Continue Reading →

Abortion’s Side Effects? What Side Effects?

You watch a television commercial for a medicine that cures something simple like a runny nose and there is a telethon of side effects said in quick speak that they’re legally bound to mention. But a surgery to remove and… Continue Reading →

California Court: Homeschooling is Constitutional

In what is clearly a victory for homeschooling parents in California and across the country, a California court reversed a lower court decision which had put into question whether homeschooling was a right under the Constitution. An appeals court in… Continue Reading →

Atheism on the March…To the Courtroom

Do me a favor sometime. Google the words “Atheist” and “lawsuit” and then hunker down for an hour or eight of laughs and tears. Hey look, the writer’s strike is still going on so what else are you going to… Continue Reading →

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