Do me a favor sometime. Google the words “Atheist” and “lawsuit” and then hunker down for an hour or eight of laughs and tears. Hey look, the writer’s strike is still going on so what else are you going to do?

If you try it you’ll see article after article showing that atheists are silently attempting to change the foundations of our Republic and drive God out of the public sphere entirely.

When high school freshman Dawn Sherman learned that Illinois had a law requiring public schools to provide a moment of silence each day for “reflection and student prayer,” she was outraged, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Outraged? Come on. Can we leave a little room for verbiage in case something really horrific occurs. Did she really pass right on by “miffed.” She, of course, wasn’t “outraged” because the law meant lost learning time in her math class – which would be 15 seconds shorter – but because “it was clear that we’re supposed to sit and pray, or sit and watch other people pray,” said Dawn, who is an atheist.

Along with her father, Rob, the Buffalo Grove High School student has filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the law, which some Illinois school boards have raced to embrace and others have defied.

“I don’t go to school to talk to God,” she said. “I’m in school to learn.”

Now take this one: One Kentucky dad probably won’t be thanking God if he wins this lawsuit, says the New York Post.

David Ryan is suing his wife to stop her from sending their son to a Catholic school because he is an atheist and the catechism conflicts with his beliefs, or lack thereof.

“This is something where it can’t be both ways,” his attorney told a local television station. “We think the constitution wins.”

From what I understand there’s a bitter divorce involved here somewhere. I think his anger is showing…just a little.

I bet you didn’t think it could get wackier, did you? The Christian Coalition and other groups supporting prominent “In God We Trust” wording on new $1 presidential coins have won a victory.

Scripps Howard News Service said President Bush has signed a bill putting the motto “In God We Trust” on the face of the new $1 coins, rather than on the edge.

One roadblock remains. A federal lawsuit is still pending by a California atheist who says the wording on U.S. currency violates his First Amendment rights, says the Cumberland Times.

I’m still waiting for the first “secondhand Jesus” lawsuit where someone unintentionally overheard the Savior’s name somewhere and will sue. Laugh now. But remember. And then google it. It’ll be there.