Wiggling around the toilet?!!!! Wiggling around the freaking toilet?!!!!


Man’s inhumanity to man on open display here. This is the most horrific thing I’ve read in months and I read a lot of stuff. A lot.

In disturbing testimony during court proceedings against a well-known Florida abortionist, a fellow abortionist reportedly admitted that some aborted children are delivered alive and left “wiggling around in the toilet,” where they are allowed to die…

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You know, that’s what drives me a bit crazy when people say we shouldn’t change the law and we should just try to change people’s hearts so keep on voting for pro-choicers because ensuring the rate of growth in the federal budget not getting slowed is paramount to babies being tossed into toilets alive.

Human beings are being killed by the millions in this country alone. They’re being thrown into toilets. They’re being discarded into bags. They’re left to die in storage closets. It’s murder. Wake up America. Wake up. It’s a holocaust. Right here. Right now.

HT Pewsitter