OK. Stories don’t get crazier than this. Alright maybe the whole thing with thousands of birds falling dead out of the sky in Arkansas is a bit crazier but only by a little bit. This news story concerning a Catholic school, a UFO cult, and a human rights tribunal is lunacy. Madness. But the wacko-osity doesn’t start with the tribunal’s ruling that a Catholic school board discriminated against a UFO Cult. Oh no. The crazy was ushered in much much earlier.

Get this.

Lifesite News.com reports:

The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has ordered a Catholic school board to compensate three members of a prominent UFO cult after finding the board guilty of religious discrimination.

Daniel, Michel, and Sylvie Chabot, members of the Raelian cult, were hired in November 2006 by the Conseil Scolaire Catholique Franco-Nord to offer ‘emotional pedagogy’ training sessions for teachers. They delivered such sessions through what they call the Academy of Pleasurology and Emotional Intelligence (APEI).

OK. Did you get that? They were actually hired to offer “emotional pedagogy” through the Academy of Pleasurology and Emotional Intelligence? Hired! That means they were being paid! Paid for…pleasurology? Isn’t “pleasurology” something a stripper tells her mother’s friends that she does for a living to make it sound all smarty pants -if strippers wore smarty pants?

Anyway, the board in 2007 was shocked! shocked!!!!! to learn that the pleasurologists/emotional pedagogists were…uhm…a bit loony. Who’d a thunk it, right?

The Catholic board kicked them to the curb when they discovered that they belonged to a UFO cult, which claims that humans were planted on Earth by benevolent extraterrestrials.

The Raelian sect was founded by former French sports journalist Claude Vorilhon, now known as ‘Rael’, in 1973 after he claimed that he had an encounter with aliens. The cult is known for its strong support of human cloning, which is based on their belief that cloning will usher in a paradise where people live forever.

Aren’t those beliefs kind of antithetical to what the Church teaches? A little?

Oh, and the dude in the UFO cult who sued calls himself a bishop. (Maybe that’s why the school board didn’t listen to him. They just reflexively don’t listen to bishops.)

Oh and by the way, the “UFO bishop” kinda’ sues everyone he comes in contact with. And I mean everyone.

Daniel Chabot, who calls himself a bishop, said they have filed dozens of human rights complaints, but this is the first to side with them. “It took us 17 years of relentless battles and one case before a Human Rights Tribunal in Ontario to finally have our voices heard,” he stated in a press release.

So this is a lesson for everyone. If you’re going to sue someone, make sure you sue the Catholic Church because your chances of winning go up pretty darn high.

Human Rights tribunals seem always to be on the lookout for human rights that don’t involve Christian humans. So the Catholic school board is paying some unspecified amount to the UFO cultists.

Now, you’ve got to admit that’s the wackiest story you’ve read in a while.

Oh by the way, Dennis Kucinich could not be reached for comment. I really tried.