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Hello Atheist, My Old Friend

Here’s the latest from Dan Lord, who’s writing some guest posts this month: I’m not sure how many soi-disant atheists troll the clear waters of Creative Minority Report, so I’m thinking of this post the way a deep sea fisherman… Continue Reading →

Dawkins: “Jesus Would’ve Been an Atheist”

Famous atheist Richard Dawkins said in a recent interview that Jesus would’ve been an atheist if he knew what we knew today. Wait. What? Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense. Here’s the exact quote: “I wrote [an] article called ‘Atheists… Continue Reading →

Atheist Brokeback Mountain Movie Bombs!

If an atheist movie falls at the box office, does it make a sound? Not in the media it doesn’t. But that’s why we’re here to point these things out. Remember the movie “The Ledge?” Well, of course you don’t…. Continue Reading →

Party Mix for the Atheist Concert at Fort Bragg

An atheist group says a secular concert planned in response to a Christian event is scheduled to occur on Fort Bragg. Rock Beyond Belief, featuring evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, is scheduled for March 31 at Fort Bragg. It’s being hailed… Continue Reading →

Wacko Atheists Sue Over WTC Cross

On that bright September 11th morning almost 10 years ago, Muslim terrorists took down the World Trade Center, and amid all the heartbreak, dust, and rubble two intersecting steel beams stood impossibly in the shape of a cross giving comfort… Continue Reading →

How to Celebrate Atheist Pride Week

Former atheist Jen Fulwiler has essentially dared us to come up with activities for atheists to do during Atheist Pride Week. She wrote, “I’ll leave it to the Archbolds to come up with some witty suggestions for how one might… Continue Reading →

Gervais Thanks God for Being Atheist

There are atheists in foxholes. Ricky Gervais proved it last night. I know that many believe that when someone is in mortal danger they often find God out of desperation. But last night while Ricky Gervais’ career as a television… Continue Reading →

The Secularized Cross

I’m agreeing with a group of litigious atheists when I say the cross is a religious symbol. Yesterday, a number of crosses honoring fallen police officers in Utah were deemed illegal by a federal judge, saying they violated the Establishment… Continue Reading →

The Facebook Inquisition Has Begun. Yes!!!

A teacher at a Catholic school announced on Facebook that she was an atheist and now she got canned from her job and is ticked off that she was fired. I don’t know if she technically sued the school but… Continue Reading →

When Brain Dead Ain’t Brain Dead

A friend of mine called me earlier this week to help him move a pool table to his basement. You get this kind of call a lot when you’re a stay at home Dad. People know you’re usually around. So… Continue Reading →

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