An atheist group says a secular concert planned in response to a Christian event is scheduled to occur on Fort Bragg.

Rock Beyond Belief, featuring evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, is scheduled for March 31 at Fort Bragg.

It’s being hailed as a big deal for atheists. I actually thought atheists already had a music-fest. It was called Woodstock but I guess I’m confused about that.

Well, how much you wanna’ bet that this devolves into the biggest anti-Christian event since the last taping of the Bill Maher show? But I’m not too concerned.

In fact, I’m feeling pretty Christian today and I’m feeling a little bad that Christians have the greatest art and music in the history of mankind. Atheists don’t really have much. In fact, here’s Steve Martin singing a bluegrass song called “Atheists don’t have no songs.”

So considering the dearth of atheistic contributions to music, let’s put together this party mix for atheists for their little music fest to help them forget the meaninglessness and hopelessness they trudge around with all day and night.

1) Only the Good Die Young (Billy Joel)

2) The Chinese National Anthem.

3) Losing my Religion (REM)

4) Lake of Fire (Nirvana) What? I’m not making a judgment. It’s just a song.

5) Imagine (John Lennon) Come on. Isn’t that like the atheist anthem? It’s like “Daddy’s Little Girl” at a wedding. It has to be played or someone gets fired.

6) Barack Hussein Obama Mmmm-mmmm-Mmm.

And if things start to get a little boring just play Luciano Pavarotti singing “Ave Maria.” That’ll get ’em going. That’ll get ’em going real good.

So if you could help out with any suggestions for an atheist party mix for their concert feel free to leave your suggestions in the combox. Oh and remember, don’t take the brown acid, man.