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Saying thanks to those who share their talents in the Mass

*subhead*For Maralyn.*subhead* The piano player at my parish died last week. Her name was Maralyn. We barely knew each other. I didn’t even know her last name. But I will miss Maralyn every Sunday, probably until the day I die…. Continue Reading →

Poor Nicky Minaj Missed a Memo

Just a decade or two ago, a little anti-Catholicism went a long way. It got you glowing media and adoring fans and all the attention a growing pop star needed to feed a career. In the 80’s and 90’s, Madonna… Continue Reading →

Party Mix for the Atheist Concert at Fort Bragg

An atheist group says a secular concert planned in response to a Christian event is scheduled to occur on Fort Bragg. Rock Beyond Belief, featuring evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, is scheduled for March 31 at Fort Bragg. It’s being hailed… Continue Reading →

Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet

Before you listen to this very simple and beautiful song please just read the story as to how it came about from Gavin Bryars: In 1971, when I lived in London, I was working with a friend, Alan Power, on… Continue Reading →

An Amazing WWII Story

Yup. I’m Putting Up a Hanson Video

Look. If you mention that Hanson brothers to me I’m still thinking of those goons from Slapshot. But you might also remember “Hanson” as a blip on the pop culture radar from the late 90’s with their single MMM-Bop. (Don’t… Continue Reading →

‘Can I Live?’ Rap Song

That’s right. CMR has a rap song on it. Laugh it up fuzzballs but it’s a pretty powerful pro-life statement. And kinda’ catchy. CMR Thanks to the always great Paul at Thoughts of a Regular Guy who asks “It’s probably… Continue Reading →

A Living Prayer

I’ve been an Alison Krauss fan for a few years. I listened to this song called “A Living Prayer” last night about seven times and each time I found it more beautiful. Take a listen. It’s great.

That Song Is A Piece Of Schutte

Dan Schutte, composer of distasteful ditties such as “Here I Am Lord” and “Sing A New Song”, is not upset that Gregorian Chant is making a comeback. Well, hoorah. [Reuters] And he’s not discouraged by the Catholic’s church’s new emphasis… Continue Reading →

The Last Place On Earth

I can guarantee that the last place on earth that you will find me August 5-8 at this … this… horror show. I can say with all sincerity that I would rather pull my toe nails out while listening to… Continue Reading →

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