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When the Electric Guitar Sounds During Mass, The Cherubim Weep

An excellent article by Michael Knox Beran appears this week on National Review concering Pope Benedict’s “Old Fogeyism” for liturgical music. This is my favorite line: “But if good music does not always save the soul, bad music never does.”… Continue Reading →

Caveat Pre-Emptor

Yesterday,USCCB Committee on Divine Worship released its long awaited document on music in the liturgy Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship. I wish to highlight one particular section of the document that speaks about Gregorian Chant and its… Continue Reading →

Good Music is Bad!

Good Music is bad! So sayeth Bernard Holland in the New York Times. I must admit, I am no musical expert, liturgical or otherwise, but I am very perplexed by Mr. Holland. Maybe you can make heads or tails of… Continue Reading →

Music on the Mend?

Might there be some cause for hope that Church music can recover from 40 years of banality on parade? Damian Thompson sees glimmers of hope thanks to the leadership of Pope Benedict. It is not that Marty You-know-who will be… Continue Reading →

Reverence and Pavarotti

I saw the opera star Luciano Pavarotti in Central Park in 1993. On the way there I didn’t take the concert seriously at all. I was more interested in the drinking and the friendship of the day. I was in… Continue Reading →

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