Look. If you mention that Hanson brothers to me I’m still thinking of those goons from Slapshot. But you might also remember “Hanson” as a blip on the pop culture radar from the late 90’s with their single MMM-Bop. (Don’t tell me you didn’t tap your foot to that song.)

Anyway, I’m saying all that pretty much as deflector to Patrick making fun of me for liking a new Hanson song. If you like fun songs with horns and good piano you’ll probably like it too. They filmed the video in their hometown and had people who lived there come out to some main street there and dance. The video went crazy viral and now Hanson is back on The Tonight Show and Conan. Kinda’ cool.

I’d still take the Hanson brothers from Slapshot in a fight but I don’t think they play piano as well.

Btw, look for Weird Al Yankovic in the video. (I don’t care what you say -Weird Al is a funny dude)