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Month May 2010

Video: Catholic School Vandalized

This is disgusting. “666” was written in different parts of the kitchen, a cross was displayed sacrilegiously and a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe was stabbed with a knife. CNA reports. CNA reports: In an apparent hate crime, vandals… Continue Reading →

Batman, The Crib, and the Potty

You ever wonder how Batman felt week after week capturing the Joker or Two Face and putting them in Gotham’s insane asylum known as Arkham only to see them break out in a week or two to plot some other… Continue Reading →

Brawling With The Ushers

Tell the truth. Haven’t you at least momentarily though about popping an overly officious and pushy church usher in the chops? Or maybe pulling his polyester jacket over his head — ya know like NHL style? Well somebody went and… Continue Reading →

A Fetus is Anti-Abortion?

Everyone is freaking out because some school employees handed out fetus dolls to students in a public school. The dolls are scientifically accurate yet they’re being called shocking and reprehensible. The fact that so many people are taking a scientifically… Continue Reading →

Darn It!! This Little Girl Likes Herself

I love this. HT Jill Stanek

Coming Soon: TV Abortion Commericals

Well, it was only a matter of time. In a first, a UK television station will air an advertisement for abortion. You can see the story in this youtube video. My first impulse upon hearing this story was … Continue… Continue Reading →

World’s Dumbest Vampire Hunters

I used to think that some people make to big a deal over how much movies can influence people into doing really dumb things. After reading this story, I may have to rethink my position. It is alleged that two… Continue Reading →

“Footprints” by Hans Kung

This is brilliant work by the Catholic Cartoon blog. HT Acts of the Apostasy

Clinton Rips Birthers, Pities Terrorists

Former President Bill Clinton ripped those who doubted Barack Obama’s citizenship as well as those who doubt global warming is man made but described the Times Square bomber as a “poor tragic Pakistani man.” How about that for misplaced priorities?… Continue Reading →

“The Loser Letters” vs. Big Atheism

I just read “The Loser Letters” by Mary Eberstadt and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I spoke with the author on Saturday and wrote up a review at the National Catholic Register: The new atheists are on the march…. Continue Reading →

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