I used to think that some people make to big a deal over how much movies can influence people into doing really dumb things. After reading this story, I may have to rethink my position.

It is alleged that two teachers, Christian teachers, in a Florida school got into a discussion with an atheist colleague. The conversation apparently didn’t go so well. Whereupon the teachers, clearly acting in the interests of the terrified students, sprinkled the teacher with holy water.

Holy water?

I’ll be danged. After all the vampire movies I have watched, I was still unaware that atheists shared the same weaknesses as their kindred spirits, the un-dead. I always thought that their primary weaknesses were logic and manners.

I am not sure if this is an effective evangelization technique, I suspect its not, but it sure is darn funny.

For their part, the teachers claim that it was not holy water but perfume instead. Hey its one thing to suggest that someone’s body is possessed by a blood sucking demon, but entirely another to suggest they smell bad too.

As a helpful hint, if you suspect an atheist colleague of having vamp-like qualities, I suggest that you surreptitiously slip garlic into their food instead. If they survive the garlic test, then you can use the perfume.