For years, many looking at the degrading culture have worried that music, television and video games negatively impacted the culture, especially children. Conservatives pointed to loosening sexual morals, violence, and an increase in drug use among youths as evidence.

But progressives insisted that we were wildly overreacting and that music and television don’t effect people in any way and certainly can’t inspire drug use or sex. They argued that art merely reflected the culture.

But now many of those same people are saying that talk radio and politicians commenting on Facebook are so harmful and affect the culture so horribly that they need to be silenced.

So rap music doesn’t hurt people but Rush Limbaugh does?
Gossip Girl doesn’t effect morality but Sarah Palin’s Alaska does?

So the good news is that progressives finally admit that culture may play a role in behavior. The bad news is that it’s only bad when they don’t agree with it.