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Want Some Smut with Your Groceries?

I shield my kids from television and the internet pretty well. But nothing prepared me for the checkout counter. We’ve all been at the checkout counter. I’m assuming most of our readers have been at the checkout counter with children…. Continue Reading →

I Thought Culture Didn’t Play a Role

For years, many looking at the degrading culture have worried that music, television and video games negatively impacted the culture, especially children. Conservatives pointed to loosening sexual morals, violence, and an increase in drug use among youths as evidence. But… Continue Reading →

10 Things You Can’t Do Anymore

I was thinking how different my kid’s lives are than mine was and then I thought about how different things are generally. There are so many things I experienced (I’m 40) that kids today don’t including: 1) Dodgeball in gym… Continue Reading →

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