I was thinking how different my kid’s lives are than mine was and then I thought about how different things are generally. There are so many things I experienced (I’m 40) that kids today don’t including:

1) Dodgeball in gym class.
2) Making ashtrays in art class for your parents.
3) Dressing up as hobos for Halloween
4) Public school teachers saying “God bless you” and not have to call their union rep to save their job.
5) Buying chocolate cigarettes.
6) Wrapping your lunch in tinfoil and put it in a paper bag.
7) “Green” was just a color in the crayon box, not a way of life.
8) Carrying around a Swiss Army knife everywhere you went.
9) Learning that America is a great country.
10) Saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning.

Bonus: Playing war with finger guns in the schoolyard and not getting suspended.

Playing outside all day and your parents having no idea where you were as long as you were back for dinner.

You got any to add?