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Since Sl@t is No Longer Acceptable…

Since the term “sl@t” for women who pronounce they’re having sex and you have to pay for it is no longer acceptable, as has been shown by what will come to be known as the Limbaugh debacle, it seems our… Continue Reading →

Laughable Hypcorisy from Obama

President Obama held a press conference today, mainly to tee off on Limbaugh. Firstly, the media are a bunch of boobs because not one of them asked a substantive about the HHS contraceptive mandate as an infringement of religious liberty… Continue Reading →

Kirk Cameron is the New Limbaugh

Kirk Cameron told Piers Morgan that homosexual marriage is “destructive” and “detrimental” to society. That’s like chum in the water for the media sharks. Fresh from their Limbaugh maiming, they’re seeking the easy prey of avowed Christian and former teen… Continue Reading →

Let’s Put Ralphie on Trial Too

Al Sharpton is calling for FCC hearings for Rush Limbaugh because he imitated a Chinese voice in a comical fashion. I’m thinking that if Rush should be on trial shouldn’t we also drag the surviving cast of “A Christmas Story”… Continue Reading →

I Thought Culture Didn’t Play a Role

For years, many looking at the degrading culture have worried that music, television and video games negatively impacted the culture, especially children. Conservatives pointed to loosening sexual morals, violence, and an increase in drug use among youths as evidence. But… Continue Reading →

NFL to Test for Conservatism

The NFL has announced that it will cancel all drug and steroid testing in the future but will immediately commence stringent testing for something far more dangerous to the league. The NFL intends to start testing players, coaches and owners… Continue Reading →

Going, Going, Going, Galt

[Dateline London – One Year from Now] The U.S. Administration of Barack Obama is reportedly reeling over the potential impact of a number of mysterious vanishings by high profile business people and entrepreneurs. The disappearances began four weeks ago when… Continue Reading →

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