Kirk Cameron told Piers Morgan that homosexual marriage is “destructive” and “detrimental” to society. That’s like chum in the water for the media sharks. Fresh from their Limbaugh maiming, they’re seeking the easy prey of avowed Christian and former teen star Cameron.

The media is freaking out and comparing the comments by the former teen pop star and current Christian media star to recent comments by Rush Limbaugh. Literally, hundreds of news stories and columns have been written in the past few hours about Cameron’s statements.

So now just espousing the commonly held beliefs of Christianity is something that must be driven from society. Punsihed, even if you listen to E! which is covering this story like it’s the OJ Simpson trial. (Except they actually liked OJ)

E! Online openly compares the two for their comments and is sorry to report that Cameron can’t be punished as badly as Limbaugh.

They say, “Sorry, dittoheads. Limbaugh’s got a lot more to lose than Cameron, who as a long-established independent minister and filmmaker has little that can be taken away by the mainstream.”

Little that can be taken away by the mainstream? Let’s examine that for a second. First, is that how this county works? Someone talks about their religion in public and something must be taken away from them as a punishment? Really? Talk about intolerance.

Also, it seems to me that we have to wonder what E!’s definition of “mainstream” is. Everywhere that gay marriage has been up for a vote, it’s been defeated. Doesn’t that mean the “mainstream” actually agrees with Kirk Cameron.

And now, if you’re going to think of the Hall of Shame that makes up the gallery of former teen stars, is it really Kirk Cameron that deserves media scrutiny and ire?

And check out this intentional nastiness. At the end of their piece E! notes that hey, Kirk Cameron’s birthday is on Oct. 12, which they the 14th anniversary of the death of gay hate-crime victim Matthew Shepard.

Whether or not Matthew Shepard’s death was a hate crime is questionable. But to compare Kirk Cameron to a murderer is unconscionable.

This is the way the culture is being led, folks. First they tell you, you’re not the mainstream. Then they criminalize being outside the mainstream. And then they punish you for being outside the mainstream.

Note to E!: Stick with your Lindsey Lohan profiles.