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Lamest Attack on Easter…Evah!

CNN asks all the tough questions, don’t they? They asked yesterday if your Easter basket is ethical. Now, while the issue of child slave labor in cocoa fields is real, you’ve gotta’ love how CNN decides to run this right… Continue Reading →

Where are the Good Christian Non-B!#@hes on TV?

Where are the good Christians on television? They don’t seem to be on GCB, the new ABC show. GCB stands for Good Christians Bitches from the book of the same name. It mocks Christians and Christianity. I’ve written about this… Continue Reading →

Kirk Cameron is the New Limbaugh

Kirk Cameron told Piers Morgan that homosexual marriage is “destructive” and “detrimental” to society. That’s like chum in the water for the media sharks. Fresh from their Limbaugh maiming, they’re seeking the easy prey of avowed Christian and former teen… Continue Reading →

“Good Christian B!#ches” Preview

Remember the show that was being talked about a few months ago “Good Christian B!#ches.” Well, there was a bit of outrage from the Christian community. You know how nutty those Christians are who are so sensitive that they don’t… Continue Reading →

Traditional Marriage Supporter Blacklisted from Teaching at College

A GOP supporter of traditional marriage has been refused by a Minnesota college from teaching a college course by those same academics who are always screaming about tolerance and dialogue. It’s called a blacklist.Tom Emmer ran for Governor of Minnesota… Continue Reading →

Teacher Disciplines Students Who Say “Bless You”

A teacher is penalizing students who say “Bless you” after someone sneezes and the school district is now determining whether saying “Bless you” is a classroom disruption. MSNBC reports: Teacher Steve Cuckovich docked his students’ scores after they said “bless… Continue Reading →

UK: Police Ban Bible from Christian Cafe

Police in the UK have told the owner of a Christian cafĂ© to stop displaying Bible texts on a video screen, because it breaches public order laws, according to Christian.org. Wow. Western civilization no longer has to point to the… Continue Reading →

Bloomberg: No Clergy Invited to 9-11 Ceremony

There’s no way this isn’t intentional. It’s pretty outrageous in light of the sacrifice of Fr. Mychal Judge on 9-11. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has refused to invite any member of the clergy to have a role in the ceremony marking… Continue Reading →

Court: NYC Can Ban Churches from Schools

Overturning a lower court ruling, a federal appeals court ruled that New York City can ban churches from using public school facilities for Sunday worship services. I personally didn’t know that churches used public facilities but, according to the article… Continue Reading →

Laughably Bad Anti-Christian Movie

This movie has a few pretty well known actors so they clearly spent some money on this anti-Christian ridiculousness but perhaps they should’ve spent a little more on a good script. Is Hollywood interested in making money at all? Seriously…. Continue Reading →

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