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Wackiest Holy Week Evah?

We all know about the War on Christmas. Yawn. If you want to be where the action is, it’s the wackiness that takes place every Holy Week and Easter. Every Holy Week we witness a cavalcade of lunacy and I… Continue Reading →

Greatest Quote About Europe Since Churchill

Print this story out. Fold it up. Put it somewhere safe. In 50 years when people are wondering what the heck happened to Europe you can put your teeth in, change your diaper, and then take it out triumphantly and… Continue Reading →

Christians Beware, Obama Considering Arming Islamic Radicals in Libya

Just put these two stories from Weasel Zippers together, let them rattle around your cranium, and then gasp in horror at the stupidity of what the Obama administration is considering. Fox News reports: A U.S. NATO commander does not rule… Continue Reading →

CNN: You May be an Archaic Christian

I sometimes wonder if Joy Behar, Keith Olbermann and CNN anchor Kyra Phillips are in a contest to say the most outrageously anti-Christian statement each day. Well, today CNN anchor Kyra Phillips may have won. Check out the bias in… Continue Reading →

Warning: Bible May Impede Your Judgement

Hanging in the Sacramento County Public Law Library is a painting of the Bible with a warning across its front which reads: “Warning! May Impair Judgment.” The library insists that there’s nothing wrong with this display despite some who say… Continue Reading →

Pope Is Just Like Terrorist Supporting Ayatollah

Paul Wachter, an AOL News contributor, wrote a piece questioning CNN for firing a correspondent for saying nice things about a terrorist supporting Ayatollah. I’ve got to show the whole thing because it’s just too priceless. Wachter engages in some… Continue Reading →

Arrested for Being Christian? In Michigan?

This story should alarm Christians all over America. It all started a few years ago with pro-life free bubble zones where pro-lifers weren’t allowed to discuss abortion with people going into an abortion clinic. But that was only the start…. Continue Reading →

Columnist: Church Wants Babies to Fill Pews

Bonnie Erbe of US News and World Report has said so many ridiculous things over the years that would be upsetting if anyone actually read US News and World Report outside of doctors’ offices. Erbe is now decrying teen pregnancy… Continue Reading →

Bus Driver Berates Girl for Religious Views

It’s being reported that a family is suing their school district because their daughter’s school bus driver was caught on tape berating their daughter over her religious beliefs as well as ridiculing her to the entire bus. It occurred because… Continue Reading →

Anti-Catholicism? Yaaawwwnnn.

Everyone is suddenly serious about politics. Very serious. And nothing is more serious right now than the race between Senate candidate Martha Coakley and Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Coakley, it would seem, is imploding. Whether she’ll win is unclear but… Continue Reading →

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