Bonnie Erbe of US News and World Report has said so many ridiculous things over the years that would be upsetting if anyone actually read US News and World Report outside of doctors’ offices.

Erbe is now decrying teen pregnancy (although she doesn’t seem to mind teen sex) because it keeps young girls poor and uneducated. (Wouldn’t abstinence be a good lesson then?) But far from pushing abstinence she worries that not enough teens are aborting their babies. And whose fault is that? The churches, of course.

It is certainly not OK for teens to bear children out of wedlock. The data all point to less education, more poverty, and an endless cycle of it, when teens have babies.

Today’s culture is certainly part of the reason why more teen girls think unwed motherhood is OK. But churches that lobby teens heavily not to have abortions are also giving the ones who do get pregnant no choice other than to bring those pregnancies to term. The churches benefit by increasing the number of followers. The teens do not. Their lives would have been much more rewarding if they postponed parenthood until after they were educated and married.

You’ve got to love the phraseology of “postponed parenthood” in that it’s so much nicer than “baby killing,” isn’t it?

But mostly I love the old saw that the Church is against abortion merely because it wants to increase the number of followers and by extension fill the collection baskets. Because as you probably know, young single teen mothers are practically cash cows for churches because they have so much disposable income.


Has Bonnie Erbe ever seen the number of single mothers who bring food home weekly from churches or who receive free healthcare from the hundreds of Catholic hospitals around the country?

Bonnie Erbe has officially torn all remaining tethers to logic and reality and is now only capable of scorn for Christianity or anyone who disagrees with her, including teen mothers. You know, those teen mothers who the Church helps so readily. And maybe those teen mothers will be able to read Erbe’s foolish scribblings while sitting in the waiting room of a Catholic hospital.

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