So you turned your Twitter Avatar green in honor of the fight for freedom going on in Iran. But now what?

Now, you’re stuck with a green avatar but you find that other stories are crowding out the front pages. Even your focus has moved onto other stories like Michael Jackson or the cap and trade bill. And you’re worried that other people’s avatars will start turning back to their original colors.

Now starts the awkward phase. It’s like all those news reporters who wore flag pins right after 9/11 and then became embarrassed by them a few weeks later when America actually defended itself but they didn’t know how to get rid of them.

You don’t want to be the first to change your avatar back to normal but you also don’t want to be last, right? I mean, you definitely don’t want to be the last guy with a green avatar.

Maybe you start by going with a lighter shade of green. You know, easing your way back down the color spectrum from fern to chartreuse, etc. so nobody will notice.

Or do you just stunt jump onto another cultural bandwagon like the Honduras debacle. Or maybe you could get all snarky and say something like, “In honor of Obama’s position on most foreign policy issues we are changing our avatar back to neutral.”

Don’t laugh. This is a real problem that affects us many Twitterers. You’re not alone. But, for me, I think Iran is still THE story of the moment. I believe so much of the world’s future depends on this moment. So I’m willing to stay green for a while more. Even if I get laughed at. And hey, maybe I’ll be the last green avatar out there. Hey, as Kermit said: “It’s not easy being green.” But it’s tougher being Iranian.

For updates on Iran, see Gateway Pundit, or Amy Proctor.