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#IHadAnAbortion Trending on Twitter

Women who have had abortions are loud and proud or something and posting all sorts of positive comments about their abortion on Twitter. Yesterday, a trending topic on twitter was #ihadanabortion. Nice. Well, Salon.com thought this was wonderful. Women are… Continue Reading →

We Rock

OK. Today is the coolest day ever. Adam Baldwin, co-star of “Chuck” and “Firefly,” just retweeted a post of ours. That’s right Jayne, the Hero of Canton, just retweeted our post on CBS’s photoshop of Obama. Baldwin asked “Racism?” Ah,… Continue Reading →

So Your Avatar is Green. Now What?

So you turned your Twitter Avatar green in honor of the fight for freedom going on in Iran. But now what? Now, you’re stuck with a green avatar but you find that other stories are crowding out the front pages…. Continue Reading →

Tweet Tweet – CMR on Twitter

Ok, I admit it. I have been a little slow to pick up on the whole Twitter thing. After hearing so much about it, we here at CMR have decided to join revolution in 140 characters or less. You can… Continue Reading →

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