You know how us Christian types are always trying to shut down science. (Insert evil laugh here) So why is it that we’re the ones always embracing new technology and scientific breakthroughs when it comes to babies in the womb. And why is it that pro-choice liberal types continually scream, “Move along. Nothing to see here. It’s just a blob of tissue! Don’t believe your eyes!”

Well, this is the kind of science that pro-choice liberal types don’t like too much. They enjoyed the “blob of tissue” era when they could tell women it wasn’t a baby they were ripping limb from limb or burning alive, it was just a blob of tissue to be discarded at will, an accident to be remedied.

That gets a lot harder with each scientific advancement. And while this isn’t really science, it’s crazy cool and I consider it a fascinating breakthrough. I was going to put this up on The Reader but I really wanted to make sure you saw these pictures. I got this from Joe Carter over at First Thoughts so please check him out over there.

Carter writes:

Brazilian student Jorge Lopes has pioneered the conversion of data from ultrasound and MRI scans into life-size plaster models of living embryos using a method called rapid prototyping.

It’s truly amazing. Really impressive stuff that to me, could change so much. I think if mothers can hold something like this in their hands, they’d be far less likely to pretend that the baby is just a blob of tissue, something to be disposed of.

Now there are a bunch of other images that seem more like art. No matter what they’re pretty cool.

Lots of other pics available. This one to me looks like the baby’s doing a poor Macaulay Culkin impersonation from “Home Alone” but it’s a baby. Hey, babies don’t know that ‘Home Alone’ stinks.

So please go over to First Thoughts and click on the link to check out some of the other pics. Amazing stuff. Remember, science is our friend.