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That pesky “gender gap” in math and science

The gender gap in math and science is back in the news.  A new study suggests that somewhere girls are hearing that they are not good at math and science.  From Slate: Schools have tried for years to encourage girls… Continue Reading →

Obama Advisor: Kids from Large Families Are Dumb

As da 5th or sixth kid in a big fambly, I guess I’m like kinda’ dumm. At leest das wat da Whyte House sez. Terry Jeffrey of CNS writes: John P. Holdren, the top science adviser to President Barack Obama,… Continue Reading →

Let me introduce myself

There is nothing wrong with your web browser. Do not attempt to refresh your window.  There is someone without the last name Archbold posting on the Creative Minority Report.  Who am I?  My name is Rebecca Taylor.  I am a… Continue Reading →

Syance Sez I M Not Zo Smart

A bunch of reeel smarty pants type peeple who wear glassus and everything say ur dumb. Yup. If ur consurvative, your IQ is lowur than your tipical Occupy Wall Street geenyus. Here it is. Lyve Syunce reports: The research finds… Continue Reading →

Abortionomics Study a Fraud

It was billed as a groundbreaking press conference last week by Merle Hoffman, founder and owner of one of the first and largest abortion clinics in the United States and author of Intimate Wars: The Life and Times of the… Continue Reading →

Scientists Create Animal/Human Hybrids

This story really reads like B-movie lunacy. Cybrids, chimeras and Mad scientists oh my. Scientists are fertilizing animal eggs with human sperm and planting human nuclei into animal cells pretty much for giggles. They pretty much have no idea what… Continue Reading →

Dope-Smoking, Menstruating Monkey Study Got $3.6 Million

It’s a good thing that Americans aren’t suffering through a recession or anything. Otherwise this kind of funding for a study on dope fiend menstruating monkeys would seem pretty outrageous. CNS News reports: The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA),… Continue Reading →

Junk DNA is the New Appendix

Remember for years and years we were told that appendixes were completely useless and proof that we lived in a godless world because no God would put something in us that was useless and could kill us. Well, remember it… Continue Reading →

Study: Cleaning Depresses People

You know how it’s always said that religious people hate science. Well that’s just not true. This is the kind of science I could embrace. The Telegraph reports that clean houses could lead to depression. Researchers found that cleaner homes… Continue Reading →

Puberty Blockers for Confused Pre-Teens?

Remember the good ol’ days when the baby came out of the womb you looked down and could announce, “you have a baby boy” or “You’ve got a girl.” Well, it turns out you have to wait a while before… Continue Reading →

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