As da 5th or sixth kid in a big fambly, I guess I’m like kinda’ dumm. At leest das wat da Whyte House sez.

Terry Jeffrey of CNS writes:

John P. Holdren, the top science adviser to President Barack Obama, wrote in a book he co-authored with population control advocates Paul and Anne Ehrlich that children from larger families have lower IQs.

The book—”Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions”—argued that the United States government had a “responsibility to halt the growth of the American population.”

“It surely is no accident that so many of the most successful individuals are first or only children,” wrote Holdren and the Ehrlichs, “nor that children of large families (particularly with more than four children), whatever their economic status, on the average perform less well in school and show lower I.Q. scores than their peers from small families.”

Holdren and the Ehrlichs published “Human Ecology” with W.H. Freeman and Company in 1973. In June 2000, a study published in American Pyschologist debunked the notion that children in larger families have lower I.Q.s. But when Holdren appeared in the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee in 2009 for a confirmation hearing on his appointment to run the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, he continued to argue for the benefits of “smaller families” on other bases.

In “Human Ecology,” Holdren and the Ehrlichs concluded: “Population control is absolutely essential if the problems now facing mankind are to be solved.”

“Political pressure must be applied immediately to induce the United States government to assume its responsibility to halt the growth of the American population,” they wrote.

I guess I should apologize to my five kids. I guess I should tell them not to dive headfirst into the shallow end of the gene pool.

Darn. If only the government could’ve stopped me from reproducing so much.

Oh, and please don’t think this is just one guy who said or thought something weird and he’s an anomaly. Anyone else think it’s a coincidence that this administration’s top priority is funding Planned Parenthood and forcing Catholic institutions to pay for contraception.