Libs are freaking out (or pretending to) over Rick Santorum questioning whether contraceptives are good for women or the country.

Even though Santorum made it clear that his thoughts on contraception would have no impact on what he would do as President, the libs keep making this about his Presidential campaign. He wouldn’t force anyone to do or not do anything when it comes to contraception.

I just have to wonder, where on Earth would libs get the idea that a President’s personal views on contraception would have him forcing his own views down other’s throats?

Hmmm. I wonder.

That’s the thing about liberals, they see no limits to power. Every whim is a possible mandate. If you think it, it should be universalized and enforced. They don’t understand believing in something but not forcing others to act on their beliefs.

But rememer, Santorum’s personal beliefs are a danger to the country while Obama’s mandates forcing others to bend to his will are perfectly fine.